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I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry, What Shall I Do?



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Meet Triggy, a very hungry and thirsty triangle who can’t decide what to eat or drink!  Decisions “galore” await Triggy as he discovers tasty cafeteria treats.

Children will enjoy this engaging board book as Triggy embarks on a cafeteria adventure.   Triggy enthusiastically identifies the foods, snacks, drinks, and desserts from which he can choose while his facial expressions endearingly convey his emotions as he ponders each decision. I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry, What Shall I Do?, filled with simple, brightly colored illustrations and rhyming text, will be especially appealing to younger children who are acquiring language and reading skills.  Children will have fun recognizing and learning the names of various foods and drinks.  The concepts in the book can inspire questions and insights from children concerning how they make their own food choices.


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