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Tasks Galore: I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry, What Shall I Do?

Extra copies of this board book can be purchased separately. It is an accompaniment to Tasks Galore – Literature-Based Thematic Units

November 3, 2021

Tasks Galore: Climbing Art Obstacles in Autism

– Teaching Visual-Motor Skills through Visually Structured Art Activities


November 2, 2021

Tasks Galore – Set of all Six Resource Books (+ 1 Reader)

Set Includes:

  • Tasks Galore: Early Education (Book 1: Yellow)
  • Tasks Galore: For The Real World (Book 2: Red)
  • Tasks Galore: Making Groups Meaningful (Book 3: Blue)
  • Tasks Galore: Let’s Play (Book 4: Green)
  • Tasks Galore: Literature-Based Thematic Units – includes I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry reader (Book 6: Gray)
  • Tasks Galore: Climbing Art Obstacles in Autism

October 31, 2020

Tasks Galore: Literature Based Thematic Units (+ Reader)

Tasks Galore – Book 5 (Gray) – Literature-Based Thematic Units (includes accompanying Boardbook: I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry, what shall I do?)
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Tasks Galore: Let’s Play (Book 4)

Tasks Galore – Book 4 (Green) – Let’s Play – Structured Steps to Social Engagement and Symbolic Play
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Tasks Galore: Making Groups Meaningful

This is the third book in the Tasks Galore series and again draws on the authors’ experiences as teachers and therapists with Division TEACCH.
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Tasks Galore: For the Real World

This is a valuable tool for preparing your older students, adolescents, and adults for independence in the home, school, community and/or workplace.
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Tasks Galore: Early Education

Creative Ideas for Teachers, Therapists, and Parents working with exceptional children
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