Tasks Galore: Early Education


Creative Ideas for Teachers, Therapists, and Parents working with exceptional children
LOOK INSIDE (excerpt):

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Tasks Galore – Book 1 (Yellow) – Early Education

  • Creative Ideas for Teachers, Therapists and Parents working with exceptional children
  • Full-color pictorial series of multi-modal tasks used in programs for children with autism
  • Applicable to any early education or learning environment

This book is the first book in the delightful Tasks Galore series. it takes a look at developing tasks that address skills across curriculum areas –

  • Fine Motor Skills: Pre-writing, writing, and computer skills
  • Readiness: Matching and sorting skills
  • Language Arts: Book, print, and phonemic awareness, decoding and word recognition, comprehension, and vocabulary
  • Mathematics: Number sense, numeration, and numerical operations, spatial sense, measurement, patterns, relationships, and functions
  • Reasoning: Concepts relating to the student’s environment: exploring materials, making predictions, generating attributes, and using common objects
  • Play: Art, music, manipulatives, games, and independent play

Spiral-bound: 59 pages

ISBN-13: 9781805160359

Publisher: Outside The Box Learning Resources Ltd. – 2023 (Previously published by Tasks Galore Publishing – 2013 under ISBN: 9781934226131)

Language: English

Item Weight: 0 lbs – 13 ounces (370 gms)


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